For Education

Mike has an array of programs and presentations that will fit what you are looking for. His programs range from a short 30 minute presentation to a full-day workshop. These programs cater to the needs of your school or institution.

The impact of Mike's programs will be felt for weeks, months and for some, even years. The results are measurable, immediate and will ignite new potential and launch success.

Regardless of which program you choose Mike will spend hours preparing his speech to meet your group's specific needs. Mike customizes his programs so that his material speaks directly to your intended audience. He will research your background and focus on your needs, challenges and desires.

You can be sure that your attendees will leave with a renewed sense of motivation and desire to perform at their full potential.

These are some of the events where Mike has given speeches:

  • Beginning of the Year Kick Off and End of the Year Celebrations
  • Teacher Learning Days, Professional Development & Staff Meetings
  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Educational Workshops/Conferences
  • Team/Community Building
  • Parent Teacher Group Meetings
  • Administrative Meetings
  • Assemblies
  • Student Special Events
  • Summer Programs
  • Academic, Athletic & Club Banquets


Keynotes, Half-day Seminars and Full-day Seminars

Mike’s programs can be delivered as keynotes, half-day seminars (up to 4 hours), and full-day workshops (up to 8 hours). This is a partial list of the programs that Mike delivers:


  • Focus on the Good Stuff
  • Motivation Matters
  • Igniting Your Full Potential
  • Charging the Human Battery with Lasting Inspiration
  • I Love My Job
  • A More Motivated You
  • Contagious Enthusiasm
  • The Power of Appreciation
  • Achieving Incredible Career Success
  • Overcoming Communication Fears
  • Team Building Techniques
  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Thank God It’s Monday Workplace
  • Goal Setting – Goal Achieving
  • Leadership Lessons from the Playing Field
  • Success Always Has Obstacles
  • Stress Management
  • Creating a Team Culture in Every Group

Contact Mike now to learn more about how he can inspire your organization through his exciting, informational and “how to” keynotes, seminars and workshops. Mike does not have a set honorarium for his keynotes, seminars and workshops. He is willing to work with you to reach a fair and adequate fee.

There are a host of options available.

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