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Mike has been delivering his very successful motivational presentations to large corporations, government agencies, universities, colleges, school districts, conference meetings, seminars and workshops for over 15 years. Mike is driven by his passion to help others achieve more than they ever thought possible by Igniting Their Full Potential. Mike has been able to inspire thousands of individuals through his motivational presentations and his work as a Life Coach.

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For Education

Mike's presentations for those in the education field are specifically designed to focus on fueling the passion that is within educators to bring out the best in every student.  

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For Business

Mike has a clear and inspiring message about the qualities found in over achieving people, teams and organizations that will help everyone lead and succeed with confidence. 

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Coaching Success

In 2018 the National High School Athletic Coaches Association selected Mike as the National Coach of the Year for Girls Track & Field

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The National Coach of the Year

Speaking Topics

Empathy: A New Leadership Essential

Research confirms, if you want a happier, more productive staff, empathy leadership skills are a must.Over the last few years there has been a lot of research and studies carried out on what employees look for in their leaders...

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How to develop it, keep it and share it. What is Gratitude?  How can it change our lives both personally and professionally?  Life is busy; it’s full of highs, lows and a lot of time in between. Sometimes we can forget to be thankful...

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Live with Intention

Next Generation Leadership that leads to Positive Change Though we spend $170 billion a year on leadership-based curriculum, most leadership training falls short...

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Recharge Your Mindset

No-Cost, Easy to Implement, Proven Solutions to Consistently Staying Focused and On-Target. Our mindset dictates almost every area of our life.  In today's ultra fast world we can easily lose sight of what inspires us...

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Cutting Edge Coaching Leadership

Why do the same coaches win year after year? What do they do differently? Hear every detail of the blueprints to sustained success from the 2018 Girls Track & Field National Coach of the Year...

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Captivatingly Authentic & Easily Customized Keynotes

You pick the topic; Mike designs a presentation that specifically fits your attendees. What is it that your attendees need?  What is the area you want them to focus on and improve?  Mike has written countless keynote...

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Client list


  • "Recently I had contacted a couple of my colleagues asking if they were aware of a speaker that could deliver an inspirational and thought provoking message to our faculty. All three individuals I spoke to highly recommended Mike. We were not disappointed! Mike's presentation was exactly what we needed."
    Doug Tuetken
    Superintendent of Schools Maquoketa Vally Community Schools
  • "I recently attended a local organizations banquet that Mike spoke at. As a presenter at this banquet each year, I've come to expect the keynote speaker to be filled with motivational cliches we have all heard before. Mike's approach, however, took me by surprise. I was captivated from the moment he spoke. The ideas he shared with us were relevant to each individual in the room. All eyes were glued to Mike while he told us personal accounts with the successes of appreciating those around him. His approach allowed everyone to be able to relate to every analogy he shared. His message was so relevant to me, in fact, I have made his take action approach part of my everyday life. I highly recommend Mike as a guest speaker for any event, and cannot wait to hear him speak again."
    Amy Drake
    Ottumwa High School Language Arts Teacher Debate Coach
  • "Mike was an excellent motivational speaker that our football team had the opportunity to listen to before their first game of the season. He used real life stories that really caught the kids attention and had them completely focused in his message. He really touched on many important areas such as leadership, dedication and overcoming life challenges. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone with motivational speaking needs."
    Mike Schenck
    Head Football Coach Fairfield High School
  • "I had the opportunity to hear Mike speak and his speech was outstanding. I would recommend Mike highly to any organization looking for a great motivational speaker. I have attended many banquets, conferences and workshops over the years and I can honestly say that Mike is one of the very best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear. He has an inspiring message that we all need to hear."
    Dr. Jon Sheldahl
    Former Superintendent of Schools Ottumwa Community School District Current Great Prairie AEA ​Chief Administrator
  • "Mike was a great finish speaker for our company retreat! His use of real life experiences that were tied into points that can be used professionally, as well as personally was awesome."
    Tom Conry
    CEO Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company
  • "Mike did an excellent job of presenting to our begin the year service. His message on being grateful, appreciative, having positive conversations, and give your best effort all the time was a great way to start the year. His message led to staff conversation and goal setting that has us focused on the good stuff, wanting to inspire other to do their best, and an over all goal of being an over achieving school district."
    Dennis Peters
    Superintendent of Schools Harris-Lake Park ​Community School District
  • "You hit the nail right on the head. That was exactly what they needed to hear. Great job!
    Jerry Bitterman
    CEO Geater Machining & Manufacturing Company
  • "Thank you so much for your excellent motivational presentation. The whole team really enjoyed the message you delivered. I heard so much great feedback from our attendees. You certainly exceeded everyone's expectations."
    Judy Lampe
    Sales Manager United Beverage
  • "Mike's presentation and message at the start of the school year set the tone for how every individual in our organization can get the most out of each and every day. His principles for personal development and organizational improvement are consistent with the body of literature in these areas. Especially powerful are the personal stories Mike includes to illustrate his points. I strongly recommend Mike for groups both large and small."
    Ottie Maxey
    Superintendent of Schools Ballard Community School District
  • "We had Mike come and speak to our employees regarding "Wellness and the Balance of Life." He was awesome and very inspiring to myself and all of our employees. I had a lot of the employees talk to me after or email me saying how great Mike was and how they really got a lot out of his presentation. He always puts great stories in that really capture your attention and get you inspired and motivated! I highly recommend Mike for any kind of presentation. I have seen him speak twice and both times were great."
    Ashley Thompson
    Office Manager Warren County Wellness Warren County Engineer's Office
  • "Mike's presentation to our staff was spot on! It was inspiring, engaging and provided real world reflection that caused everyone to pause and think about how many great things they have in their lives."
    Dr. Anita Micich
    Superintendent of Schools Mason City and Clear Lake Community School District
  • "Mike presented an uplifting and inspiring presentation at the annual State Sheriff's and Deputies Jail School. Mike has the ability to modify his presentation to a wide variety of audiences. If your group is looking for an inspirational speaker I highly recommend you bring in Mike Parker."
    Lonny Pulkrabek
    Johnson County Sheriff
  • "After numerous discussions and positive feedback from the South Hamilton staff I am happy to say that Mike's presentation was extremely well received and just what was needed. Mike a was tremendous and captivating speaker with a fantastic, encouraging message. The entire staff was able to connect with the personal stories and intuitive analogies he shared throughout his presentation. A long time staff member said "that was the best hour of professional development and personal development I have had the opportunity to experience in quite some time." Mike was able to paint a proverbial picture of inspiration through his words and actions that everyone found appealing, challenging and useful."
    Ken Howard
    Superintendent of Schools South Hamilton Community School District
  • "It was such an honor and pleasure to be a part of hearing Mike's motivational presentation to our student athletes during a banquet held before the night before our first football game of the year. Mike was incredibly positive, inspiring and motivating! His message was so sincere that the student athletes were so engaged throughout the entire presentation. As a mother, this was an invaluable opportunity that I will treasure forever."
    Mary Ellis
    Parent Group Director ​Fairfield High School
  • “Mike Parker is an incredibly inspirational speaker. Not only did he motivate me to remain positive, but in many ways his words challenged me to rethink how I approach the children, parents, and staff that I work with on a daily basis. Mike used humor, along with real-life stories, which you could see and feel inflating the audience’s emotions. As he tells stories, you feel like you are right there in the situation, feeling the emotions that he is describing. His message is not only positive, but something that ALL of us are capable of taking on ourselves.”
    Tess Ward
    ​Social Worker
  • “I have heard Mike Parker speak on a number of different occasions. He is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. His presentations are highly motivational, information-rich and very entertaining. Attendees of his presentations take away insightful information that they can quickly and easily implement into their businesses and personal lives. His message resonates with people from all walks of life whenever leadership, motivation, teamwork, sales, communication and life skills are important. Diverse audiences instantly connect with his message and enjoy his contagious enthusiasm, high-energy and positive outlook. In fact, after Mike spoke recently to a group of undergraduate and MBA students, there were more positive comments than I’ve ever had for a guest speaker. I enthusiastically recommend Mike as a speaker for any group. Attendees will leave his presentation with a positive mental attitude and with renewed vitality to attack the most difficult problems that they are facing.”
    Michael K. Mount
    Research Professor College of Business University of Iowa
  • “Mike came in and re-energized my management team by helping them focus on the opportunities that we all have in our daily work. He was uplifting, funny, motivational and sincere. We'll definitely be using his services again.”
    Terry Ousley
    Director, Customer Service MidAmerican Energy Company
  • “Mike spoke to our school staff last winter and I am still hearing positive comments over six months later. If you are looking for a way to say thank you to your staff for the critical contributions they make in your schools and at the same time inspire them, I would highly recommend and encourage you to consider contacting Mike Parker. Mike is a skilled public speaker that shares his personal life experiences as an award winning athlete and coach in a way that energizes his audience to make a difference through their everyday work.”
    Dr. Paula Vincent
    Former Superintendent of Schools Clear Creek Amana ​Community School District Current Heartland AEA ​Chief Administrator
  • “I wanted to thank you for coming to MidAmerican Energy with your message. Inspiration gives us the opportunity to move mountains. I am sure plenty of people left your meeting ready to do just that! The stories you brought with your message gave us solid examples of how we can make a difference. Your words brought a breath of fresh air to our department."
    Julie Williams
    Support Services, Customer Service, MidAmerican Energy
  • “Mike Parker is positive, inspirational and funny all at the same time. He speaks to the kids’ levels while delivering a powerful message. I would highly recommend Mike as a motivational speaker. He was a great inspiration to our students and staff to start our new year."
    Brad Fox
    Principal Clear Creek Amana Middle School
  • "Mike's presentation was uplifting and inspirational. Our employees truly enjoyed hearing Mike, as their feedback comments were extremely positive. His true-life stories touched everyone and made us see life as a precious gift and how important it is to live every minute to the fullest! Mike delivers his message with sincerity and passion. He was a pleasure to work with and we welcome him back in the future!"
    Denise Thorpe
    MidAmerican Energy Company Program and Risk Support
  • Mike Parker is full of passion and energy, and it is obvious in his speaking. After viewing from a slight distance the way he has impacted his track and cross country teams at Iowa City West, our organization asked him to speak to our 11U and 12U teams. We certainly weren’t disappointed. He wove in anecdotes, some humorous and some touching, that kept our boys’ attention throughout. Mike is an extremely gifted motivator and speaker.
    Jeff Linder
    Cedar Rapids Gazette Sports Writer Manager, 11U Cedar Rapids Cougars GOLD baseball team
  • "Your message was uplifting and inspiring, it let everyone know that they have more effort, more energy and more drive in each of them than any one of us think we have in us. It was exciting to see the employees sit up in their chairs as you had their full attention. You made everyone understand if they put out their best effort, extraordinary things can happen. Very good presentation without a lot of fluff."
    Ed Tlach
    Owner and President EDJE Technologies
  • "On behalf of the Iowa Rehabilitation Association, I'd like to thank you so much for your inspirational and thoughtful opening presentation for our Annual Training Conference. Your motivational speech "set the tone" for the rest of the conference and definitely was a highlight."
    Jeffery Morgan
    President Iowa Rehabilitation Association
  • “Thank you again for your uplifting and inspirational presentation. My employees have had a very busy and stressful year and your message to see life as a precious gift and how important it is to live life every minute to the fullest was just what we needed to hear. I would highly recommend you to other companies and will welcome you back in the future.”
    Judy Alexander
    Southeast Iowa Case Management President/CEO
  • "Thank you for the wonderful motivational presentation at the State Infection Prevention meeting. So many people raved about you in their seminar evaluation!"
    Sherry Davis, RN
    Infection Prevention Program Coordinator Program of Hospital Epidemiology University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
  • "On behalf of the Center for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning, we want to extend our deepest appreciation and thank you for presenting "Charging the Human Battery with Lasting Inspiration" and making our New Faculty Orientation Program a huge success. The feedback from the attendees has been so gratifying and positive."
    Annie Daniel, Ph.D.
    Center for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning Des Moines University
  • "Thank you for your excellent presentation. Your message clearly resonated with our representatives - they left challenged, encouraged, and ready to "take the hill" for Marion Mixers. In short - mission accomplished."
    Lee Eilers
    President & CEO Marion Process Solutions
  • "Mike Parker is a credible, entertaining and inspirational speaker that will deliver a positive message while evoking some genuine emotion. A great role model himself, Mike uses successes and travails of people he has worked with to paint a tale of achievement through dedication and hard work, a message we should all be exposed to. I highly recommend Mike deliverance to any audience."
    Jim Lindenmayer
    Former President Indian Hills Community College
  • “Coach Parker is a dynamic speaker! He spoke at our team meal the night before our game against our biggest rival and was a huge hit!! The players, parents and coaches were all impressed with the motivational message Mike delivered that night. Mike’s message hit right on the bulls eye. I would highly recommend Coach Parker to speak to any group. He delivers an outstanding message.”
    Dan Dvorak
    Former Head Football Coach ​Iowa City West High School
  • “Mike came to speak at the first meeting of the new executive management team of MidWestOne Financial Corp. His chosen topic, Showing Appreciation, was right on target. Mike is a great storyteller and weaves the stories effectively into his presentation. We all agreed he did a terrific job.”
    Charlie Funk
    President & CEO ​MidWestOne Financial Corp.
  • “Mike is an enthusiastic, energetic and highly motivational speaker. His presentations are entertaining and thought provoking.”
    Keith Jones
    Senior Vice President Hills Bank & Trust
  • “I have worked with many athletes, coaches and teams and I lecture nationally and internationally myself on sports medicine topics. I have listened to hundreds of speakers and coaches speak and motivate teams and audiences. I think Mr. Parker is one of the best speakers I have listened to. I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Parker give a motivational speech and I was completely enthralled and immersed in the speech. You could hear a pin drop because of the complete attention he had from the audience. His ability to inject emotion and humor was engaging”
    Ned Amendola M.D.
    Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon Duke University
  • “I received nothing but positive comments concerning your presentation last night. Thank you for a great presentation.”
    Rita Hart
    President Calamus-Wheatland Athletic Booster Organization
  • “Mike gave a tremendous inspirational and motivational speech! His dynamic message on trying to bring out the qualities found in winners was excellent.”
    Gar Ruprecht
    L.L. Pelling Company Safety Director
  • “Your attitude and life perspective is truly an inspiration, and it is refreshing to see how successful you’ve been because of it. Your presentation was our newly combined management’s team first true team-building experience and one we won’t forget!”
    Barb Finney
    Internet Banking Manager & Operations Officer MidWestOne Bank & Trust
  • “I just wanted to pass along how much I appreciated your presentation at our strategic planning session last week. I truly enjoy listening to those who can speak with such energy and enthusiasm and share life-changing experiences of their own. I thoroughly enjoyed the hour you spent with us. I particularly appreciated the personal story you shared about you and your track teammate at the University of Kansas. What a lesson for all of us, to take the high road and show your appreciation despite the "natural" inclination to do otherwise."
    Gary Ortale
    Senior Vice President & CFO, Iowa State Bank & Trust Company
  • "Our young professionals organization recently held an event that was geared towards college students. When organizing our event we were specifically looking for a keynote speaker that could provide positive energy and meaningful insight. Mike Parker exceeded our expectations. He provided the perfect mix of humor and enthusiasm that kept the audience engaged throughout. I truly believe that those students in attendance left the event motivated and ready to reach their full potential. I would recommend Mike for your upcoming event and I hope to be able to work with him again in the future."
    Justin Tuck, President
    Keokuk Y-NET Consider Iowa Program and Project Network
  • "Mike Parker was wonderful to work with. He did an excellent job of customizing his motivational presentation to fit the defined topic our group requested. Mike quickly engaged the group and kept our full attention with his well executed stories and knowledge on the subject at hand. Mike gave a very confident and effective speech that left everyone with key "take aways" to use in the future."
    Shayne Dodd
    Sales Management Team, iWireless
  • "Mike helped kick off the in-service for our newest faculty members. The presentation was energetic and motivational - a dynamic keynote. His blend of humor with real-life story-telling held everyone's attention and conveyed a powerful and positive message to staff members."
    Dr. David Benson,
    Former Superintendent of Schools, Cedar Rapids, ​Community School District
  • "Over the last 30 years I have had the opportunity to work closely with many talented and successful coaches at the University of Iowa, including Dan Gable, Tom Davis, Hayden Fry and Kirk Ferentz. Their ability to lead winning teams against the toughest competition depends on their ability to motivate young people to exceed their own expectations by finding higher levels of commitment, concentration and courage. None of these great coaches does this better than Mike Parker."
    Joseph A. Buckwalter, M.D
    Orthopedic Surgery, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, University of Iowa College of Medicine Professor
  • "Business Professionals of America high school students at West High had the privilege of hearing Mike speak at our annual Career Day Event. BPA members, chaperones and staff in attendance were focused on Mike's presentation because of his speaking style and passion for motivating others. In fact, everyone felt the impact of his keynote address will make a huge difference in their pursuit of their goals. Mike takes the time to engage his audience through careful planning of the presentation and through his outstanding storytelling ability.
    Diane Fickel,
    Business Professionals of America Advisor West High Business Teacher
  • "Thank you so much for your excellent motivational presentation. The whole team really enjoyed the message you delivered. I heard so much great feedback from our attendees. You certainly exceeded everyone's expectations."
    Judy Lampe
    Sales Manager, United Beverage / Miller Coors
  • "Mike is a very genuine and engaging motivational speaker. He understands the importance of believing in oneself, never giving up and showing appreciation to others. He is a very professional, polished motivational speaker, who did a great job inspiring our attendees."
    Art Sathoff
    Superintendent of Schools Indianola Community School District
  • "Thank you for the uplifting and inspirational presentation you delivered at our Administrative Professionals' Day. The hour and a half flew by. Your energetic style and gift of sharing true life experiences held everyone spellbound. Many of the comments I received spoke to your amazing speaking style. I have attended many seminars over the years, but I have to say that you are the best speaker I have ever encountered and would truly recommend your message to any organization."
    Sue Heistand
    Business/Industrial Technology Department Iowa Central Community College
  • "Mike Parker is a tremendous motivational speaker. He speaks with great energy, passion and wisdom of what it takes to be successful. It's evident he cares about others and wants to see them succeed. I have received so many positive comments from the attendees of his motivational presentation. I highly recommend Mike as a speaker for any group."
    Ronda Whitney
    Co-owner Whitney Monument Works
  • "Mike was our guest speaker at our Kick off meeting and there could have been no better person or way to inspire the group than Mike! Mike was fabulous! His presentation was very inspiring and one that kept the groups full attention. I also LOVE the enthusiasm Mike brings to the group when speaking along with the humor yet seriousness, just an excellent speaker! I would highly recommend Mike for your next event, you won't be disappointed!"
    Vickie Moss
    Executive Assistant, ​MetLife
  • "Mike presented a wonderfully inspiring message to our teachers and staff at our opening assembly to the school year. Mike's message was simple, sincere, and very powerful. He had the audience laughing at times, and trying to hold back the tears at other times as his message of gratefulness and appreciation robustly resonated with everyone. Mike is certainly one of the very best speakers we have ever had, and I highly recommend him to my fellow professional educators without reservation."
    Dr. John Robbins
    Superintendent of Schools Iowa Falls and Alden ​Community School District
  • "Thank you very much for your "Charging the Human Battery with Lasting Inspiration" motivational keynote at our radiologist seminar.  It was a pleasure working with you and my entire team agreed that your motivational speech was the best presentation we've had in the 8 years we have been doing this seminar.  Your presentation was so well received, here are just a few of the great comments our attendees said about you on their event surveys: "Mike Parker was so motivational."  "Mike Parker's motivational keynote was a great way to end the seminar."  "Mike Parker was excellent, how inspiring!"  "Mike Parker - wow!"  We hope to work with you again very soon."
    Tana Phelps
    Marketing Specialist CQuence Health Group
  • "I have attended many motivational and team building courses during the course of my career; Mike Parker, hands down, is the best motivational speaker I have had the great fortune to hear.  A major key to his success is the organization of his presentation.  His use of real life stories to provide a foundation for his highly motivational and inspirational information is amazing.  Mike has given me the tools to succeed in like every day."
    John Michnick, Ph.D.
    Manager, Sales & Business Development, Cambrex Corporation
  • Mike's presentation was both inspiring and touching for our group of school business officials and activities/athletic directors.  His stories were very relevant to us because they involved the same students we work with on a daily basis.  His background and career brought instant  credibility to his message for our group, which was an uplifting way to  start our day at the conference.  Mike provided tools, useful by all, to help make our interactions with others more positive which in turn will make our days brighter.
    Kevin Kelleher
    President of Iowa Association of School Business Officials Executive Director of Finance and Business Services Dubuque Community School District

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